Royal Berry Nectar,
Nectar with noble lineage

Every bottle that we manufacture is filled with our passion for quality. As in the good old days, when manufacturers were not after quantity, but strived to create a masterpiece out of each bottle of product. Every single bottle matters to us so much, that we can tell you a whole story behind it. Each bottle has its own unique character, brings its special emotions. To create such an exquisite product, we use the finest ingredients such as cold pressed juice from natural berries, most of which are grown on our own organic farms. Berries that we use to make our nectars are harvested, sorted and gently washed by hand. We also blend old-time recipes with advanced technology developed by farmers, nutritionists and dietologists. But most importantly, every nectar we make is bottled with love and care.

To prove to you that every single bottle matters to us, we put a Unique Number on each bottle.

Entering this number on the web page, you will be able to find out when this particular bottle was manufactured, what kind of fruits or berries were used in manufacture, when and where they were cultivated, what is the flavor of the Nectar, and etc.

By this, we want to show to you that we are not after mass production, but satisfaction from what we are doing and care for customer is the most important for us.

We must apologize to you, unfortunately this service is not yet available, due to quite sophisticated software that has to be developed, this service will be available only in 2016. However we were so excited about the idea of labeling each bottle with unique number, that we could not wait, and decided to launch this web page, letting you know that the count has already started! So if you have already bought our product, do not rush to through away empty bottle, or at least keep the unique number!

Yours faithfully, Royal Berry team.